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Geneva airport transfers

Geneva : Regional capital of the French speaking Romandy and second most populous city in Switzerland just behind Zürich. Geneva is a very attractive city for businessmen, tourists, international experts and diplomates coming from the whole world and passing by the city and its region regularly all year long.

The international airport known as Cointrin airport is a must for almost all those who wish to visit the city and its region. The Geneva airport transfers depends of your destination (if you stay in the suburb of the city or if you need to reach an other city or although an other country like France ).

Located very close to the French border (less than half an hour drive by road), the Geneva agglomeration has a population of over 1 million. Situated at the southwestern of the famous eponym lake, Geneva is surrounded by 2 mountains chains, the Alps and the Jura old chain. By any season, winter as summer, Geneva is a touristic destination. The most famous stations of ski and winter sports of the region (Courchevel) can be reached very easily as they are located at 2 hour drive from the airport. Hiring a car can be useful for tourists willing to go there by their own means. Otherwise, private buses fleets are very convenient and actually the cheapest way to reach these locations.

Among public transportation means, bus shuttles connecting frequently the city center, its major places and the airport are actually the most popular and cheapest transportation ways to come into Geneva city. Geneva airport shuttle is a private transportation used by travelers arriving at the airport and wishing to reach the closest hotels located at the suburbs of the city or downtown in which they are staying .

For a short distance, to reach the Palace of Nations, the bank of the lake (to watch the famous Jet d'eau) or the city centre, taxis are the most common and convenient way to be used for transfers from Geneva airport.

Whatever the transportation means used for transfer from the airport to the final location, time of transport will not be very long as Geneva is at the crossroad of many attractive places in the region.

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