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•    Prices represent only an assessment of the cost.  However prices could change slightly due to unforeseen circumstances; (additional passengers, delays, stops, unplanned, waiting time, any change of direction and changes to the itinerary, etc.)

•    The booking guaranties the transfer of the expected number of passengers, by the means of one or more vehicles, in agreement with the seating capacity authorized by French law.  The type(s) of vehicle(s) used depends on the availability of the moment.
•    We reserve the right to organize some transfers with other Taxis or transportation companies, if our pool of vehicles could not provide the service due to unforeseen circumstances.

•    We advise you to book as soon as possible.
•    All booking enquiries will be subject to the acceptance by our services. Any approved booking will be confirmed by mail
•    If asked, we can suggest the recommended time of your departure. It is your responsibility to establish your departure time, taking in account any risk of delay (Snow, Traffic etc.)

•    The transport of the luggage is fully insured in accordance within the terms and conditions of our company's insurance policy.
•    The amount of luggage allocated per passenger is limited to each person's ability to carry his/her own luggage autonomously.  For all items outside of this criteria there is absolutely no problem, you just need to specify this when you enquire for a booking.
•    We are not responsible whatsoever for any valuable items forgotten in the vehicles.

•    We cannot be held responsible for the delays, and their direct or indirect consequences to your schedules.  Likewise for any damages, losses, delays, expenses or additional inconveniences caused directly or indirectly by any events or actions not involving our company, not limited to acts of war, acts of terrorism, civil disturbances, fires, floods, case of force majeure, acts of government or any other authorities, accidents, engine or equipment failure, industrial actions, major traffic problems, extreme weather conditions (snow), etc.

•    For cancellations 30days before the date of your arrival you will be fully refunded.
•    For cancellations between 29 and 15 days prior to arrival you will be refunded 50% of the fee.
•    For a cancellation between 14 days and your arrival day, or if you don’t show up, there will be no refund.

It is forbidden to:
•    Smoke or consume any alcoholic drinks in the vehicles.
•    Interfere or talk with the driver (only in urgent cases).
•    Obstructing the doors of the vehicle or the emergency exit, either physically or  with luggage.

Contact us:
+33(0)6 43 80 77 25

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